Zaklada Anamarija Carević
The Basilica is safe again and welcomes us with open doors!

The Basilica is safe again and welcomes us with open doors!

A lot of preliminary work was needed to demolish the ceiling in a controlled explosion, with maximum safety and efficiency. This was carried out on 29th September 2021. Take a look at how it was done! Although there was much worry and care, everything went very well, praise be to God for that! 

When the dust settled, this was the scene we faced: 

All the floor space had to be cleared up, which required some serious machinery and mechanization: 

The demolition of the ceiling wasn’t the last step, additional interventions were needed there:

The ceiling is no longer a gaping wound, we temporarily stitched and patched it up: 

The floor has been levelled so it can be walked on: 

With helpers like this, everything is easier :) 

This Sunday, on the Feast of Christ the King, the Basilica is opening its doors for the first time in 20 months! 

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