Anamarija Carević Anamarija Carević

Anamarija Carević

Through His divine providence and love, God bestowed upon us the mercy to meet and live alongside Anamarija Carević in our parish community gathered in the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

As her religion teacher I feel particularly blessed to have had the opportunity to guide her towards the Sacred Heart of Jesus and to teach her about the divine love through religion classes in school and in our basilica.

Anamarija was a wonderful child with a joyful, radiant soul. Her heart was filled with God’s love that always shone through her smiles. Everyone could experience God's love in her presence - children and youth in our parish loved being around her. One of the sources of God’s love for Anamarija was the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus where she grew up, and towards which she had always felt a strong connection.

Her desire to know Jesus and His love was evident since her childhood days in school and church religion classes and continued during her highschool days. It is with joy that I remember today how the longing for Jesus and His love grew in her heart, especially during the preparation for her First Confession and Communion. She joyously counted the days to that encounter by saying: “In a month… in 25 20…”.

As the day of her First Communion approached, the joy in her heart grew and was reflected in her countenance and in her life. When that day of heavenly and earthly celebration arrived,  Anamarija sang and praised with her whole heart: Jesus, I love you… Jesus, I praise you…. Jesus, I need you… Jesus, thank you...

I believe that on that day she already touched the Heaven she lives in now.

Anamarija participated in all activities in our parish community, selflessly using her abilities and time for the greater good and to God’s glory. Her active participation in our basilica was a true example of a joyful Christian life for other children and youth. The love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus exerted strong attraction on Anamarija, she always wanted to be close to the altar of the Divine Heart of Jesus. 

Anamarija was particularly fond of the liturgical celebrations in the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, where she joyfully participated by singing in the children’s choir, by playing in our children’s orchestra and by reading the Word of God. Anamarija participated in the liturgy in our basilica with all her heart, to the last day of her earthly life. 

The Sacred Heart of Jesus welcomed her in the heavenly kingdom where we will all meet one day. We refer to Anamarija as an angel already, because her good, angelic soul and angelic smile enriched our everyday lives while she was with us. 

I believe that Anamarija is now praising the Lord in eternity with the choir of angels, joyously looking upon us and our basilica and interceding with God for us, just as she sang in the children’s choir and played in the children’s orchestra in our basilica.

For that reason, my heart as well, oh Heavenly Father, stands before You, full of glory and gratitude for the short, but miraculous life of our Anamarija... The life in which You have loved and brought joy, the life in which You were celebrated and praised and through which You have crossed this Earth and left a strong and bright mark in our hearts. 

sister Marijela Žuro, religion teacher

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